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Non-Contact Eddy Current Displacement
and Distance Measuring Systems

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Non-contact displacement sensors using eddy current technology measure distances, displacements, or positions of any electrically-conductive target.

These objects may have both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic properties. Due to the high insensitivity to oil, dirt, dust, moisture, interference fields, etc. the eddy current principle is eminently suitable for applications in harsh industrial environments.

The standard program is evenly balanced with 13 sensor models starting from miniature sensors with 2 mm diameter up to comparatively large sensors with 140 mm diameter. The range of products is supplemented with special design versions for highly specific measuring tasks and customer requests as well as for OEM applications.

»eddyNCDT 3010
Wirbelstrom-Einkanal-Wegmesssystem mit Wegaufnehmer Compact Single-channel System with analog signal conditioning electronics for mounting on machines and systems.
Measuring ranges: 0.5 - 15 mm; 0.02 - 0.6 inch; Frequency response: 25 kHz (-3 dB) 
»eddyNCDT 3300
Wirbelstrom-Einkanal-Wegmesssystem Compact Single-channel System with an integral micro-controller for signal conditioning
Measuring ranges: 0.4 - 80 mm, 0.02 - 3.15 inch; graphical display
»eddyNCDT 3700
Einkanal/Zweikanal-Wirbelstrom-Wegmesssystem Compact Single or Dual-channel System with analog signal conditioning electronics.
Measuring ranges: 1 - 6 mm; 0.04 - 0.24 inch; Resolution: 0,08 nm! Application: Positioning of a wafer in semiconductor manufacturing.
»eddyNCDT Spindle Growth System

Wirbelstrom: Modulares Mehrkanal-Wegmesssystem
Digital Eddy-Current-Measuring System for Machine Tooling with non-contact and wear free miniature sensor.
Measuring Range: 400µm
Resolution <0.5 µm
Very high temperature stability (0.01 %/C)
»turboSPEED 135

Drehzahlmesssystem für Turbolader

Revolution Counter for Turbo Chargers

Compact Single-channel System with analog signal conditioning.
Speed range: 0 ... 400,000 Rpm

Areas of use of eddy current distance sensors
displacement, distance, position, elongation
vibration, clearance, amplitude, run-out
bearing oscillation, lubricating gap, wear
collector concentricity, roundness, air gap, pitch
compressor-/turbine gap, revolutions
stroke, deformation, axial shaft oscillation



MICRO-EPSILON solves the most complex tasks in the field of sensor technology and is a highly experienced production company - we produce from single pieces to large OEM quantities.

These techniques include
»eddy-current sensors
»laser sensors
»capacitive sensors
»temperature sensors


»MICRO-EPSILON displacement and temperature measurement

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